1000 Hours

1000 Hours

1000 hours is an opportunity for Gateway Vineyard to join together to show Gods love and kindness through individual and groups acts of service to bring blessing to many.

When will it be?
Over the last couple of years Gateway has supported Stewardships campaign to do Lent differently and focus on acts of kindness. We are a church that wants to make a difference and see our City and county know a fullness of life and hope. This is another way we can put into practice ‘love the one’ and make a difference.

Therefore, it is a natural progression for us to run a 1000 hours’ project during Lent 2018. Lent is Wednesday 14th February to Thursday 29th March 2018. We hope to carry out 1000 hours of kindness during this time.

How does it work?
Everyone can do as little or as much as they like to contribute to a goal of 1000 hours of kindness.
Every time you do an act of kindness, however big or small, you log the hours and they get added in with everyone else’s. Each week we will keep a running total and hope to clock up 1000 hours over the course of Lent 2018.

How can I get involved?
There will be individual acts everyone can do each day.There will be suggestions for children, families, students, young people and those with more flexible time. There will also be organised projects to sign up for. Some of these maybe linked with existing ministry areas and projects. Life groups can also come up with an idea they can do together.