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NCFC Team huddle

The photo above is what every Norwich City fan saw before each game last season. The team got into their huddle for just a few moments before kick off. I have no idea what is said in a team huddle, maybe its a reminder of the game plan, maybe the captain uses this moment for one last bit of motivation or maybe they are working out where to go for a meal and a glass of wine after the game.

But what if they were in that huddle, the fans are waiting for them to come out of the huddle to play the game and in the huddle the conversation is something a long the lines of, “this is the best huddle we’ve ever had” “I just love being so close to you guys” “wouldn’t it be great if we just huddled for the next 90 minutes”

Now we know that would never happen but what about the church? Do we just huddle or do we get out and play the game?

On Sundays we have just started a series on Philippians. Last week we looked at the first few versus of ch1.

Paul writes to the church in Philippi – its a church that he planted – and he gives thanks for their partnership in the gospel. What is this partnership? Its very simply this – that they received Jesus and then gave Jesus away.

Its the message that we can meet Jesus, have our lives transformed, that we get to experience all the joy, the grace, the forgiveness the love but then we go – we play the game, we give it all away and tell others that they can meet Jesus, experience the joy, the grace and the forgiveness too.

That’s the partnership with the gospel that the church should have, that we get to give, we huddle and play. Jesus loves us – and so we love others.

The church was never meant to be a nice cosy huddle but a team that gets out and plays the game, that goes out and advances the gospel.

The whole of this talk and others will soon be online for you to listen to.