The Blog - The Parable of the Sower

I’m not much of a gardener although I like having a nice garden.

I don’t really understand what plant should go where or what time should I prune them etc. I’m never sure when to plant or where to put the plant. A lot of guess work goes into my garden.

One thing that does seem to grow is the weeds. Even when I’ve totally forgotten to water the plants the weeds just keep coming.

As a result our garden is a mixture of plants that we have tried to grow but don’t look very good, or plants that start off ok but then die. Some need more sun so they have grown but don’t flower. Every now and again we seem to put the right plant in the right place and when we do they can look fantastic. But then even they need watering and weeding.

Jesus talks a lot about the Kingdom of Heaven and in Matthew 13 He tells a story. It’s called the parable of the sower. A parable is just a short story that is told in such a way it often uses everyday life to help us understand an important lesson or instruction.

It’s a story about how the Kingdom of Heaven (which is basically the place where Jesus rules and reigns) is sown everywhere but different people respond to it differently. Some just don’t want to know, others like the idea of it but find the reality of it too much so give up on Jesus, but others love it and want more of it. More than that they see it as a relationship – one that they invest in and nurture.

It ends with an image of ripe corn which produces fruit.

Because of the way we have been created I don’t think we can ever live life to the full unless we allow Jesus to rule and reign in our lives. Yes we can seem happy and successful etc but it’s only Jesus that can help us live life to the full and even then it’s a relationship that we need to maintain, removing the things that would threaten our relationship with Jesus (like the weeds in this story).

It’s then we too can grow to be people who produce fruit.

On Sundays we are looking at Matthew 13 and the effect and impact of the Kingdom of Heaven over the next 3 weeks.

We’d love to see you there