The Blog - Holding onto Jesus this Christmas

As we approach the busy Christmas period it can be really easy to lose focus on whats important. We’re trying to find all the christmas decorations, buying presents, making nativity costumes, finish work, get essays in and get our tired kids through to the end of term. When all of these things are done…. the nativity is over, the tree is up and presents wrapped we breathe a sign of relief as we then gather up our energy for cooking turkey, hosting and the business of the christmas holidays!

What if each day we just take a few moments out, just to remember again why we do all this.

At Christmas we remember Jesus  coming as a baby. No grand entrance, just a humble small beginning with enormous life changing connsequences. He does not stay as baby but grows into a man and eventually gives up His life. Why? To show us what God is like and how much he loves us.

Sending Jesus was Gods plan for bringing hope into the world. Through Him we can know hope, love, forgiveness and joy despite our circumstances.

In those few quiet moments each day lets invite this Jesus into our Christmas and by doing so hold on to what its all about. After all, who couldn’t do with  more love, peace and hope this Christmas?

Why not join us for our Christmas Service on Sunday 11th, 330pm at the Vineyard Centre? You’d be so welcome