The Blog - Starting the New Year with Jesus

Did you watch the Queens speech over Christmas? If you didn’t see it I’m sure it can be found somewhere on you tube.

She basically spoke about the importance of community and family and it’s how at times of crisis that family and community come together and she spoke about how we can’t control our circumstances and that’s why need a family we can fall back on, to rely on and do life together.

She spoke about how these family’s aren’t always blood relatives but people who you share a common belief with, or goals or an interest or faith.

Then she spoke about Jesus and how that He had come into the world with the power to forgive and its forgiveness that heals families, friendships and communities.

It was a speech written off the back of a very uncertain year.

Headlines in 2011 have been about war, finical uncertainty, lack of job security, and a raise in the amount of people with stress and depression, political unrest, stress on the family, failing banks, failing governments and spending cuts, job losses and redundancies and natural disasters.

For 1000’s of people 2011 was a year that was very uncertain and it was one which for some people left them in crisis.

In Matthew 6:25 Jesus tells us not to worry about our life. That’s not easy is it? You may be reading this and you know Jesus well, maybe you have followed Him all your life, maybe you don’t really know too much about Jesus but for many of us worry is a part of our life.

Yet Jesus tells us not to – He says you don’t need to because there is a father in heaven who loves you more than anything and only wants what is best for you.

But do we know that?

We only get to know that when we hang out with Jesus. When we spend time with Jesus we get to know how He thinks, He shows us what’s important and more and more He reveals His love for us.

Do people still worry when they know Jesus? Well yes, often they do but those that really really really know Him choose give those worries to Him and worry becomes controllable.

I don’t think 2012 will be very different than 2011 for many people. The issues that we faced last year are still the issues we will face this year.

When I heard the Queen talk about the importance of these communities that we can fall back on when life throws us something tough or unexpected I thought about the church. The church is one of those communities, Gateway Vineyard is a group of people sharing life together and learning to put Jesus first, learning what it means not to be controlled by worry and getting to know Jesus.

You are welcome to come and visit this community that we call Gateway Vineyard, or if we are geographically inconvenient for you check out the churches near you and find a community of people that you can do life with and learn what it means to follow Jesus and how much Jesus loves you