The Blog - Last year at Gateway…..

The other Sunday morning we shared some stories of all that God has been doing here at Gateway Vineyard over the last year and how Jesus has changed people’s lives.

I love telling our story and remembering that not that long ago 9 people met in our front room and said lets do church – 7 years later here we are and oh how its all grown.

We’ve laughed together, shared life together, learnt together, worshiped together and at times cried together.

We’ve drunk some 23,000 cups of coffee not to mention tea and juice and eaten a lot of breakfast – and that’s just on Sundays.

5 years ago our children’s ministry was 3 small children playing and learning about Jesus with a croissant in one hand and a crayon in the other.  Now up to 40 children turn up each week to have fun, worship, get to know Jesus and pray together.

Our compassion ministries have grown and we continue to meet the practical needs of others where we can.

We’ve increased our work in the community and were so excited to see 600 people show up to our community carnival and people even got sun burnt………in October!

But as our church has grown we’ve also seen more lives change, we’ve seen Jesus heal, restore and bless us as individuals and as a church.

On that Sunday we shared some of what Jesus has done and that talk can be found here so if you have every wondered what we get up to at Gateway have a listen!

This Sunday we will be sharing what we feel God is putting on our hearts for this next year so if this is your home church or curious about what we do here at Gateway why not come along as we share our vision for this next year. Click here for more details