Children and Youth

Children and Youth

At Gateway Vineyard children are important to us. We aim to create an environment which is safe, fun and nurtures their relationships with each other and Jesus.

We have different age groups, please click on the links for the relevant pages:

Under 18 months

Parents are very welcome to sit in the main service with their younger children. Other rooms which are available during the service are:

·         Little Lights Baby Room (opposite the entrance to the main hall): This is a quiet room in which babies and toddlers can play, feed, and where adults can listen to the talk and receive ministry if they wish.

·         Sunbeams room: if toddlers are more mobile or want to be a bit noisier then they are very welcome to play in the Sunbeams room alongside their parent.

·         The leather sofas by the reception area can also be used for feeding.


18 months-3 years: Sunbeams

3-4 years: Shooting Stars

Reception, Yr1-2: Comets

Yr3-5: Rockets


Yr6-9: Youth


Ladies Cream Tea

Ladies Cream Tea

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Picnic and Golf

Picnic and Golf

Sunday 22nd July 2018

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Beach Trip

Beach Trip

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