Week of Prayer: April 15th-21st

Week of Prayer: April 15th-21st

Gateway Vineyard coming together to pray for God’s Kingdom to come, in our lives, our homes and work, our church activities, our friends and families, our local communities, our city, county and country, in schools, the NHS and public services.

Daily topics for prayer..

MONDAY Gateway Vineyard Craig & Hannah, leadership team, trustees, staff and volunteers, worship leaders, life groups, for a healthy church, extending God’s kingdom together everywhere and in every way. Courage and boldness. Acts ch4 v29-30

TUESDAY Healthy relationships Friendships, Family, Marriages, Parenting, Children‘s workers and their groups; Little Lights Sunbeams, Shooting Stars, Comets, Rockets, Youth, Tribe, Dreaming the Impossible. Matthew ch19 v4, Jeremiah ch1 v6-7

WEDNESDAY Compassion Ministries Soup Run, Foodbank & Community Café, Foodstore, Baby Jam, Growkids, Grow babies, Expectancy, Baby Café, ‘the place’ drop ins, craft group and ‘knit and natter’, Hope into Action. All those contacted through 1000 hours. Isaiah ch58 v6-7

THURSDAY Our city and county Education & Schools. Chaplaincy at Thorpe St Andrew School and all those that host assemblies, University, Police, local councils, governance, justice, truth, NHS, Hospitals, Mental health teams. 1 Timothy ch2 v1-4

FRIDAY For salvation & healing Family, Friends and neighbours, work colleagues, ‘prodigals’, (those who have at some point in their lives been in church), for mission partners Alex & Ellie Hawke in Cambodia, Stu & Abi Patience in Indonesia, Joy McCann. Luke ch10 v27 , Luke ch15 v20

SATURDAY Revival! In worship, in prayer, in evangelism, preaching & proclamation, in love, in creativity. Ezekiel ch37 v9-10

Come and join together to pray..

Monday 16th
1pm – 1.30pm in the chapel at N&N hospital
7.30pm – 9.30pm at ‘the place’. Worship & Prayer
Tuesday 17th
9.00am – 9.45am at ‘the place’
1.00pm -1.30 pm County Hall, Norwich
Wednesday 18th
7.30pm – 9.30pm at ‘the place’ Worship & Prayer
7.30pm Prayer in the Beccles area
Thursday 19th
8.00am – 9.15am Prayer & breakfast at ‘the place’
12.30pm -1.30pm The Forum, Norwich
Friday 20th
10.30am – Mum’s prayer meeting (children welcome!) in Thorpe St Andrew.
8.00pm –12pm Half night of worship & prayer in Thorpe St Andrew. Come for a few minutes or as much as you can!

For more details of any of these events please contact the church office.

Drop in and pray..

The prayer room at ‘the place’ will be open from 9am -9.30pm Monday to Thursday, with the whole venue open as a Prayer Space from 9am – 6pm on Friday and 10.30am – 1pm on Saturday with coffee & croissants.
Choose to spend time praying in the peace and stillness, or using music and worship, being creative, on your own or with others. Come for 10 minutes or 10 hours into God’s presence and cry out to Him! Bibles, music and creative materials provided.

‘the place’ 61, Spinney Road,
Thorpe St Andrew, NR7 0PL